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January 2015
Health Care

For the hearts of investors?

Industry Report Health Care

December 2014
Food Products

Who will win the year-end rally?

Sector Report Food Products

November 2014
Computer Hardware

Out of steam? Or will we see more upside with the Christmas season around the corner?

Sector Report Computer Hardware

October 2014

Breweries: Who are the best brewers?

Sector Report Brewers

September 2014

Attractive companies in a healthy political environment.

Market Report Norway

July 2014

Half time: Who was caught short - who are the stars?

Sector Report Semiconductors

June 2014

Advantage USA: Which are the airlines that will fly high?

Sector Report Airlines

May 2014

Brazil’s Soccer World Championship: Signs of excitement!  The BOVESPA shows signs of a promising trend. Which of the Brazilian equities look attractive?

Market Report Brazil

April 2014

Are astronomical gains coming to an end?

Sector Report Internet

March 2014

Denmark: 15% performance over the last two months. Who can keep going?

Market Report Denmark

February 2014

Canada’s strong mid-caps: From Software to Retail the beauty is diverse. Who are the alternatives to Energy and Finance?

Market Report Canada

January 2014

Exciting start: 5 year performance of 107 %, predicted P/E ratio of 8,4 and profits estimated to grow, all indicators for a thrilling race in 2014.  

Sector Report Automobiles

December 2013

Attractive P/E ratios and juicy dividends. Which European insurances will stay interesting?

Sector Report Insurance

November 2013
Computer Hardware

Stagnating prices and Apple Dominance: The 4th Quarter to turn the tide – with a forward looking PE below 10. The perfect moment for year end bargains?

Sector Report Computer Hardware

October 2013
Clothing & Accessories

Luxury is booming: a performance of 120% over the last 5 years and profits expected to grow by 15% p.a. Which are the showpieces?

Sector Report Clothing & Accessories

September 2013
Mobile Telecommunications

Dividend returns of 5% and more? 7 out of 10 Mobile Telecommunications players are set to deliver. Which are the yield champions?

Sector Report Mobile Telecommunications

August 2013
Health Care

Health is increasingly costly. Not only in real life, but equally on the stock markets. Who are the biggest, the most defensive, or simply the cheapest health care companies?

Industry Report Health Care

July 2013
Travel & Leisure

A small industry in holiday mood: with profits predicted to grow by 26% p.a. and a price earnings ratio to level off at 11 summer feelings are called for. Who is top?

Industry Report Travel & Leisure

June 2013
Distillers & Vintners

Fond of tippling or rather not? A good reason to be so: analysts revise their expectations up and predict profits to grow by 14% p.a. The top 20 at a glance.

Sector Report Distillers & Vintners

May 2013

Norway, more than an energy market? Among the 10 biggest companies only 3 belong to the energy sector. Which are the candidates that might surprise?

Market Report Norway

April 2013

Twofold surprise by Canada: Despite a moderate performance last year, profits are expected to climb by 12% p.a. There is only one energy giant among the biggest 5. What about the others?

Market Report Canada

March 2013
Full Line Insurance

Full line insurances on the fast track: With a brilliant recent performance, the sector could make up more for its remaining 5 years lag. Which insurances are the most interesting?

Sector Report Full Line Insurance

February 2013

DAX30 - how much longer can the resilience withstand the crisis? Showing a performance of 11.9% during the last 5 years, the German index braves bad tempers. Which are the most defensive and which the most attractive stocks?

Index Report DAX30

January 2013

New Year, new luck and high-flying adventures? Showing a performance of 30% in the last year and assuming profits to grow by 30%, this sector is ready to take off. Who are the top shots?

Sector Report Airlines

December 2012
Software Europe

More than a one-hit wonder? A performance of 24% in the last 5 years and profits predicted to grow by 14%:  Who are the players of the European software sector?

 Sector Report Software Europe

November 2012

Swiss values currently in fashion? The market takes the stage, showing a 1-year-performance of 14% with corporate profits expected to grow. Which players set the tone?  

Market Report Switzerland

October 2012
Restaurants & Bars

Raise your glasses and bottoms up: snacking on-the-go is booming. McDonalds and Starbucks are not the only players.

Sector Report Restaurants & Bars

September 2012

The land of wilderness surprises: 4 banks rank amongst the top 5. What about the others?

Market Report Canada

July 2012

Temporary pause or close to its zenith? Who are the big players and which sectors do they occupy? 

Market Report Singapore

June 2012
Travel & Tourism

Holiday fever: dream holiday or nightmare? The decision is to be found in the East. 

Sector Report Travel & Tourism

May 2012

Showdown air combat: Boeing and Airbus, who else is flying high up in the sky?  

Sector Report Aerospace

April 2012

Strategic acquisitions are daily business:  how does the ranking and the quality of the top 20 look like?  

Sector Report Biotechnology

March 2012

Bridgestone or Continental: Who will rank first in the worlds’ lowest PE sector – and where are the competitors?  

Sector Report Tires

February 2012

After experiencing strong turbulence over the last 5 years, the Greek stock index ASE20 has shown a strong upward trend in January. Successful comeback or still slumping?

Market Report Greece

January 2012

The price-earnings-ratio in the banking industry reached a historically low level. Do European institutes still rank amongst the top 20 in the New Year?

Sector Report Banks

December 2011 Pipelines

The sector „Pipelines“ is performing astonishingly well in spite of a declining stock market. Can we expect a rally during Advent season, a quiet Christmas or rather a New Year’s hangover?

Sector Report Pipelines

November 2011
South Africa

The Cape of Good Hope has lived up to its name for the past few years. Looking ahead: Is South Africa now a gold mine or a penny grave?

Market Report South Africa

October 2011

The tobacco stocks have survived the turbulences of recent months largely unscathed. Is that nothing but smoke and mirrors or a clever long-term investment?

Sector Report Tobacco

September 2011
Distillers & Vintners

A glass of high-quality distiller or vintner goes always with a special occasion. Whether there is now the occasion to invest into this category, you can read in our current sector report.

Sector Report Distillers & Vintners

July 2011

Beer will always be consumed! For one year this sector was a flop, but over five years it was top.  Is this the moment to invest in breweries again?

Sector Report Brewers

June 2011
Mobile Communications

Communication is a fundamental demand. With attractive market prices, robust cash flows and geographic diversification: Mobile phone operators, good values in uncertain times?

Sector Report Mobile Telecommunications

May 2011

Is Australia, with lots of raw materials, legal stability and a strong currency, an interesting investment alternative to the US and Europe?

Market Report Australia

April 2011
Health Care

Pharmaceuticals or biotechnology? The macro trend of growth in health care continues. Which sector offers the most attractive investment chances?

Industry Report Health Care

March 2011
Gold Mining

Debts of western countries and political events in the Middle East have contributed to the increased price of gold. Is this then reflected in the performance of gold mining companies?

Sector Report Gold Mining

February 2011
Oil and Gas – Exploration and Production

«Deepwater Horizon» accident and plans for exploratory drilling in the Arctic: Exploration and Production in the US as investment opportunity?

Sector Report Exploration and Production USA


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