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Purely Objective Analysis

theScreener produces independent, objective, and comparable information concerning the analysis of 6,000 equities and 15,000 funds, by significantly reducing the "human" factor.

The relevant information is collected worldwide from sources such as Thomson Reuters and Morningstar and processed by means of mathematical algorithms. Based on this rigorous process, theScreener generates automated ratings and evaluations regarding both the upside potential and the risk.

Advantages of this method:

  • The results are objectively evaluated and comparable
  • The performance is historically proven
  • The service is highly cost-effective, involving only a minimum of personnel resources

Upside Rating

theScreener's upside rating is based on fundamental, technical and projecting criteria. The "Four Stars" are theScreener's brand for our upside rating. They stand for the objective evaluation of a stock based on four relevant views.
Star Fundamental Star Earnings Revision Trend
Star Technical Star Price Potential
Star projecting Star Medium Term Technical Trend
Star Relative Performance


Complementing the upside star ranking is the risk evaluation, taking into account both the historical bear market and bad news behavior.

Star Bear Market Factor Star
Star Bad News Factor

Fictitious example of a theScreener Rating for "Moonraker Inc".