Calendar Bear vs Bull 2017

Although – or thanks to – the Russian economy’s ups and downs, the Bull and the Bear accelerated this year the fantasy of the excellent illustrator Max Kostenko from Moscow. Our two heroes are hunting for new records once again and amuse us at the highest level. We wish you nothing but all-time highs in the coming months.

Calendar Bear vs Bull 2016

Following works of art from Switzerland, Germany, Israel, Singapore and the USA, the latest « Bear vs Bull » illustrations were created by the highly gifted polish artist Michal Dziekan. Thanks to him, Bull and Bear are once again at loggerheads with each other. And once more, the roles are clearly defined. In this spirit, we wish you a prosperous 2016

Calendar Bear vs Bull 2015

« Bear vs. Bull  » goes America. For our calendar 2015 we had the privilege to work with David Colman, one of the best animal character illustrators for the United States. So this year, you can once again look forward to plenty of humor against lots of malicious glee. Here’s to the year 2015 and its endless opportunities!

Calendar Bear vs Bull 2014

One man’s meat is another man’s poison –  and vice versa. Our this year’s very talented illustrator, Delia Farwagi form Morges provides us with the various shades of this age-old saying in beautiful watercolors. As always, the encounters of our protagonists Bull and Bear leave no doubt when it comes to understanding our market expectations for the coming year. We wish you good joy with these, admittedly, strictly one-sided views.

Calendar Bear vs Bull 2013

Already for the fifth time the Bull and the Bear are fighting for predominance on the markets, this time in the Far East. And for good reason: in January 2012 our Asian subsidiary opened its doors in Singapore. It is great pleasure that on this occasion Sheena Aw, one of the city state’s most renowned artists, has dedicated herself to our topic.  We hope that 2013 will also be the »year of the Bull » for you.

Calendar Bear vs Bull 2012

With the upcoming stock market year, this calendar might trigger some laughter in you. theScreener presents its fourth edition of Bull and Bear as amusing foes which will hopefully entertain you and your beloved throughout 2012. We owe this year’s illustrations to the talent of Denis Zilber who managed to give a distinctive character to our Bull and Bear for 2012. Have fun !

Calendar Bear vs Bull 2011

Clear the ring. In 2011 our Bull and Bear go in the third round and while the winner in this calendar is already determined, it remains to be seen, how the two will hit on the stock exchanges.  In the fight with a brush, pen and ink, the illustrator Michel Casarramona has done brilliantly. We are delighted that our third calendar is an eye-catcher, presenting a distinctive style from the Zurich artist.

Calendar Bear vs Bull 2010

The Battle continues. In 2010 the Bull and the Bear are at it again, both in and out of the markets. This year we are very fortunate to work with Harald Siepermann for our calendar as featured artist. Harald is a character designer at Walt Disney, where he has created many well-known characters in films such as Roger Rabbit, Tarzan, and Brother Bear. Let’s hope the dynamic created in our calendar sets the trend for the markets in 2010!

Calendar Bear vs Bull 2009

Encouraged by the positive response to last year’s caricatures, we though we’d give our friends the bear and the bull a broader arena for their quarrels, in the form of this calendar. We are very proud to have Gavin Patterson, one of the country’s top cartoonists and caricaturist as our illustrative artist. For 2009 we hope the bull will have the upper hand, and not only in this calendar !