Pharma: Financial well-being too?

With so many of us making new year’s resolutions to be more healthy, let’s start the year with our traditional look at companies dedicated to our health.
Our current sector analysis shows that many, but not all, pharmaceutical stocks promise financial well-being.



Distillers and vintners: In the rush of performance!

Are you ready to toast the festive season and the good performance of your portfolio? Those that missed out on this sector will be bitter to learn that they could have earned excellent returns from distillers and vintners companies this year. The sector shone in 2019 with average price gains of over 50% and more than 100% for many Asian companies.
Where we are heading after the consolidation phase of recent months is uncertain. Certainly, however, our current sector analysis shows which companies are about to experience a particularly cheerful start to the new year with key figures continuing to look very attractive.



Brazil: Beyond Energy and Raw Materials!

Much more than oil & basic resources. Anyone who thinks of the Brazilian stock market only in terms of Petrobras and commodities overlooks the country’s most important sector, the banks. They account for no less than 25% of the market capitalisation of the Bovespa Index and face customers searching for alternatives to savings accounts at record low interest rates of 5%. Our current market analysis shows which stocks currently present themselves as particularly promising. Have a look.



Soft Drinks: Coca-Cola all over!

Divide and conquer. Hardly any other company has implemented this guiding principle more successfully and sustainably than Coca-Cola. No less than 7 of the 15 most valuable soft drinks companies in the world bear the Coca-Cola name and operate bottling plants and more.
Pepsi, of course is there too. If you can’t think of any more names now or if you are generally thirsty for knowledge, take a look at our current sector analysis.



Swiss equities market: Kingdom of Diversity!

One of the key characteristics of the Swiss equity market is the enormous diversity of liquidly traded companies. From global superpowers like Nestle or Roche to successful niche providers, there is something for almost every investor across all sectors. Our current market analysis identifies winners and losers and the stocks we particularly like from a quantitative point of view. Have a look.



Telecommunications: Welcome back to the throne, AT&T

Sensational AT&T: 35 years after the court-enforced spin-off of 7 regional baby bells from the mighty American operator, and after never-ending criticism of the management, which actually was the first to possess the technology for mobile telephony, but left it to rot in the lab due to alleged lack of demand, AT&T is once again back as the most valuable telecommunications company in the world. We congratulate them warmly.
Our current industry analysis shows what is going on beyond AT&T in this cash flow and dividend rich industry. Who else is at the top and which stocks look attractive today?


Gold mines: New life after a three-year slumber?

New old shine. While the stock markets coughed the last weeks, the prices of gold mines rose significantly. Well, even old textbooks can be right. In view of the uncertain political and economic outlook, gold mines represent a sensible addition to the portfolio. After a three-year slumber, their prices currently offer nice catch-up potential. Our current sector analysis shows our preferred picks. Well, have a look.


Utilities: rarely sexy, but reliable?

From electricity to water: Utilities are rarely sexy, but reliable. This reliability includes fairly often financial results, generous dividend payments and low volatile quotes. With further low interests on the horizon, why not realize some gains in the hot spots and place them here? Our current industry analysis shows our preferred picks. Well, have a look.


Finland: Country of dividends

It’s essentially all Nokia. This view on the Finnish market has drastically changed with the appearance of smartphones – hence long ago. Nowadays the Nordic market convinces with an impressive variety of attractive midcaps across many industrial segments and – above all – very juicy dividend yields. In our current market analysis we show you both historical facts and our preferred picks. And when it comes to the most valuable firm in the country? Well, have a look.


Italian market: Time to buy low?

Buy low, sell high. Part one of the good old rule looks currently fulfilled by the Italian market with price-earnings ratios far below both the European average and the historical national values. Our current market analysis shows not only the biggest sectors in the « bel paese » but also the country’s most attractive stocks.


Banks: Who still earns money with money?

Are Europe’s banks overregulated? A controversial issue. In any case, among the most valuable financial institutions there is none from the old continent. In addition to American and Chinese institutions, the top 20 today include banks from Australia, Brazil, Canada, India and – Brexit or not – one from London. To find out who is successful in the world of money today, please take a look at our current industry analysis.

Biotechnology: Who will deliver healthy returns?

After so many spoken wishes for good health during the last weeks, let’s have a look at the firms that concentrate their doing on our current and future well-being. Our sector analysis identifies the Biotech firms promising the healthiest returns 2019.


Restaurants and Bars: Do the financial markets please your palate?

Settling the juicy bill for your year-end dinner with friends might wake in you the desire to have your own restaurant. If so, a possible first step could be the investment in quoted stocks of the industry.
How they have fared and if the financial markets 2018 have been consistent with your palate’s choice are aspects you may find out in our current sector analysis.
We wish you tasty reading.


Footwear: Sector of differences?

Crocs top – Geox flop. Hardly any other industry sector is as selective as the footwear market. Between the top performer 2018, Crocs with its plus of more than 60% and the Italian Geox with its minus of more than 40% lies a huge gap. Likewise the largest market cap, Nike is more than 200 times bigger than the number 20 in the same industry. Have a look at our current industry analysis to find out more about this fascinating sector.


Japan: Successful Quality and Teamwork?

Teamwork and Quality. The typical Japanese values have convinced the markets in the recent years and the Nikkei index is this year again on the upswing. Our current market analysis identifies the key market players as well as the most promising candidates.


The US, land of unlimited innovation?

The US, land of unlimited innovation? In any case, most of the US quarterly results were 2018 above the estimates, consequently harvesting rising stock prices. Our current market analysis identifies both the candidates with further potential and those, where the peak might already be reached.

Travel and Leisure: Who’s on the sunny side?

From airlines, hotels, restaurants and casinos to our booking website: Our leisure fills many pockets. Not all of them however to the pleasure of the investor: Tripadvisor’s plus beyond the 50% mark contrasts this year with an almost similar minus for Air France-KLM. Which are the sectors and stocks on the sunny side of the markets 2018? Our current industry analysis identifies the candidates.


Energy – Exploration and production: Explosive investments?

Prices for oil & gas have strongly increased over the last two years. Combining this with the ever increasing requirements on ecological and safety standards, leaves us with two good reasons for a closer look at the over 130 specialists for the capital intensive exploration and production of primary energy.


Gambling stocks: More than a gamble?

Whether equity investments are a gamble can be discussed. That gambling stocks can be interesting investments however shows us the past.
Which are the biggest gamblers today and on which have the investors’ bets gone recently? Our current sector report provides the answers.


Media stocks: Ready for good news?

The media are again in the media. Among other with the takeover battle between Murdoch and Comcast for the English Sky Group. Our current industry analysis shows which media companies are the international leaders and which appear attractive as investment.


According to NZZ, theScreener Tactical Equity Fund is Number-One fund (*performance 2017) and is, therefore, the best fund within the Euro-zone. In addition, Morningstar ranks the fund with the maximum of 5 stars.

We are pleased to introduce you to our current investment-theme „Screener Tactical Equity Fund”.

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The resulting performance along with its defensive qualities are highly gratifying. According to NZZ, theScreener Tactical Equity Fund is Number-One fund (*performance 2017) and is, therefore, the best fund within the Euro-zone. In addition, Morningstar ranks the fund with the maximum of 5 stars.

theScreener team wishes you an exciting reading and successful investments!
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South Korea: In the medal ranks?

The North produces headlines, the South successful products worldwide. The coming Winter Olympics will also attract South Korea’s deserved public attention in the coming weeks. In our current market analysis, you can find out which companies dominate the Korean stock market and which are the medal contenders for 2018.


Airlines: Still on the upswing?

Christmas time is travel time. So it’s a good time for a closer look at the airlines. Their share prices have enjoyed a strong upswing over the past years. And, thanks to continued moderate price/earnings ratios, conditions for 2018 remain promising.


Austria: Charm and Performance?

After years of stagnation, the prices on the Vienna Stock Exchange have almost exploded in the last year. Can this rally, led by Raiffeisen Bank, continue forever? If not forever, at least the share price and profit ratios still have catching-up potential by international standards.
Our current market analysis highlights the stocks that appear to be particularly attractive.


Technology: Growth without end?

Growth without end? Led by the German Aixtron, no less than 14 significant technology stocks with a market value of more than US$ 1 billion have more than doubled this year. The jumbos of technology stocks such as Apple and Alphabet also posted double-digit growth.
Our current industry analysis shows which stocks were tops or flops and where there is still upward potential


Poland: Against the tide!

Against the tide: For years, the Warsaw stock exchange has lagged behind the uptrend of other markets followed by the inverse picture with a strong rise this year and specially this summer, exactly when the mainstream had run out of steam.
Who are the players in this small stock market and which ones have further potential? Answers can be found in our market analysis.


France: « en marche » on the stock market too?

Media versus markets? While the victory of ‘media-shocking’ Trump drove the US stock market skyward, France’s courses have moved sideways ever since the victory of ‘media darling’ Macron. Our current market analysis illuminates as to which course the « Grande Nation » could be « en marche » in the near future.


Health Care: Before the next course?

Ready to run again? For two years, the prices of many health care shares have been lagging behind the market and it has become quieter around the favourite industry of so many investors.
Our industry analysis compares the key figures of the big companies and points to some particularly interesting, less well-known ones.


Semiconductors: Last bastion for bargain hunters?

The producers of the miniature electronics sparkle with high growth and low prices.
Despite excellent performances and continued double-digit growth forecasts, the price earnings ratios of the semiconductors are barely higher than five years ago – and thus more than 30% below the average of other technology investments.
Our current sector analysis shows how the sector has developed relative to the rest of the technology industry and which of the companies appear particularly attractive today.
We wish you a stimulating read!


Waste & Disposal Services: Cash Flow instead of Glamour!

New giant factories, cities and environmental regulations have one thing in common: they produce a lot of work for the waste and disposal companies: from the waste-water to the outdated car battery. Hardly ‘glamourous’, but stable, non-cyclical cash flows are the hallmarks of the industry. Who are the winners in this sector and who is still attractively valued?


Automobiles 2017: The race is on!


Hong Kong: the attraction of the rooster in 2017!


Nasdaq 100: Concentrated Innovation!

Wine & Spirits: Even sober a pleasure?


Airlines: These airlines should be on your radar!


Internet: Real opportunity or bubble?


Food and beverages: More than physical enjoyment?


Focus United Kingdom of Great Britain: Brexit – current opportunities and risks in the stock market!


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