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Our proprietary model and cutting-edge technology help to overcome the limitations and risks inherent in traditional financial analysis.



the Screener CIO presents information radically different and comes to investable conclusions.


With theScreener RM reports you promote consistent advice and exceed customer expectations. Already 10'000 professional terminals and 1 million analyzed client portfolios benefit from our ratings worldwide.


theScreener Feed delivers ratings and analytics via an easy-to-integrate data feed to populate your core-banking, portfolio management, online-/mobile-banking and brokerage systems.


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Exceed Your Investment Goals with the All-in-One Solution for Portfolio Managers


Simply Comprehensive and Unbiased Research for Private Banking


Improve Your Client Relations with Top Ratings and Analysis for Your Digital Services


theScreener CIO

theScreener CIO is the radically different, all-in-one internet application, designed for portfolio and fund managers to make better investment decisions.

Its systematic approach, combined with the well-thought-out features, delivers a unique experience in navigating the global investment universe. Setting-up and managing investment strategies, leveraging theScreener’s rating parameters and trading signals, is a breeze.

Make your selection from fundamental, technical, valuation and risk parameters to define your individual investment style and let theScreener CIO propose top choices for your portfolios – including less obvious ones, your competitors may have missed. With theScreener CIO you implement your investment strategies in a new, highly efficient way.

theScreener RM

Provide your client advisors with easy-to-access research reports on stocks, markets, industries and funds. Get access to detailed, independent and easy-to-understand evaluations at the click of a button.

Our high-quality buy-side research reports are customer-friendly and available in a choice of languages:


  • Covers equities, markets, industries, sectors and funds worldwide
  • On 6,000 stocks, 40 markets, 18 industries, 100 sectors and 15,000 funds
  • Easy-to-access research reports on demand
  • Reports can be white-labeled and fully customized
  • Updated twice weekly / weekly for funds
  • Multilingual & ready-to-print
  • Totally unbiased evaluation
  • Transparent evaluation methodology with exceptional track record
  • Compliant to existing and future regulation standards, such as MiFID II & FIDLEG

theScreener Feed

theScreener Feed is our data feed solution for easy integration of theScreener’s ratings and analysis into online-/mobile-banking applications, core-banking, portfolio management and brokerage systems.

Whether you want to improve your client interactions, enhance trading activity or provide additional reasons for your client advisors to contact clients, then theScreener Feed is the right solution for you. Through better quality and more timely client interactions you create a unique customer experience which your clients will love.

Integrate our data in your internet, intranet or mobile applications and exceed your clients’ expectations.

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Making Investment Decisions More Efficient, Easy and Transparent

We've been doing this for quite a while

For over 20 years we have been passionate about helping the buy-side exceed client expectations and this passion continues to drive us today and into the future. Our highly dedicated team of analysts, portfolio managers and IT professionals has created a unique multi-dimensional approach, which blends fundamental, technical, valuation and risk evaluations seamlessly into one single easy-to-use front-end.

After years of research and development we are able to provide investors with the most advanced basket of decision support solutions available. Through our work with leading names in the industry, we have earned the reputation as a trusted partner for success.

We are radically different

Uniqueness is at the core of our value proposition. Our technology-enabled research is radically different from anything else in the market. Our unparalleled solution translates complex financial analysis into intuitive and easy-to-understand metrics and language. We cover not only thousands of equities worldwide, but also publish hundreds of sector and market studies every week. All reports can be tailored to your needs and are published in several languages.

Our CIO application is radically different from any other financial information package in the market. From the fresh design to the easy navigation and intuitive functionalities – there is nothing comparable in the industry for the professional investor. We believe that theScreener application is the most distinctive and useful tool available in the market today. 

Our data feed is radically different from any other data feed available and whatever other content you use on your web- or mobile applications today, our data feed empowers you to significantly refresh your existing solutions and to make them considerably more valuable for your clients. 

By continually applying cutting-edge technology, theScreener has been delivering unique and innovative solutions for over two decades. Uniqueness will always remain at the core of our value proposition.

We use cutting-edge technology

Algorithms are the DNA that drives all our products. Our proprietary model and cutting-edge technology help to overcome the limitations and risks inherent in traditional financial analysis. We use the latest generation technology to improve the quality of the raw data taken into our systems and then to analyze this data robustly in order to reach clear and intuitive conclusions, which are presented in a client-friendly way. Our systematic approach delivers efficient, transparent and consistent results which are repeatable and fully documented.

We work with the best

Our ratings and analysis are used by top-tier banks, asset managers, online-brokers and portals, as well as institutional investors. We are known for having an outstanding track record in delivering real results. Today we are recognized as one of the leading financial analytics companies in the world.

By focusing on the core and long-term needs of our clients, we have become the partner of choice for many clients, including global Fortune 500 companies who serve millions of end users with our data, making theScreener the trusted leader in financial analytics.

We're known for excellent customer support

Communication and transparency are vital to us. We listen to you and your needs and deliver on what we promise. We take our work very seriously, but we don’t take ourselves too seriously. We love doing what we do and we hope you’ll love working with us.

Any questions? We are available all day by phone and email. We look forward to hearing from you.


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Who we are

Founded in 2000, theScreener is one of the first Swiss-based fintech companies. Initially, we started-out as a joint venture of financial experts and IT professionals to become one of the most-respected financial analysis platforms available in the market today.  Since 2000, we have established an enviable reputation for delivering high-quality, systematic and professional analysis to finance professionals.

What we do

theScreener provides independent financial analysis based on a powerful proprietary model and a broad range of financial indicators to identify investment ideas and manage downside risk. With over 6,000 companies worldwide, 15,000 funds/ETFs, 18 industry groups, 104 sectors, 44 countries and 55 indexes, evaluated twice a week, theScreener offers unparalleled coverage.

Our unique research blends fundamental, technical and risk metrics to provide actionable insight into your investment process.

Why we do this

At theScreener we believe that using the right tools and information will give any investor an edge in making smarter investment decisions.

Our goal is to empower you to make the right investment decisions by leveraging our systematic and objective model, saving you time and delivering real results.


Co-founder & Managing Director

Alain Farwagi has been working as a financial analyst at UBS and at other institutions in Geneva where he assumed the role of chief analyst and specialist for instituional assets. In 1995 he created theScreener’s first research engine, and since the company’s foundation in 2000, he has been responsible for the continued development of the company’s algorithms. Alain Farwagi has a diploma from HEC in Lausanne.

Co-founder & CEO

Andreas Lusser was an UBS executive in structured finance and the telecommunications industry before co-founding theScreener. Andreas Lusser holds a degree in electrical engineering from the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology and an MBA from IMD in Lausanne.

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