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Saving valuable time and enhancing your client relationships through our online platform.

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Independent & Objective Analysis on 6,000 equities, 15,000 funds, 57 Indexes and 18 Industries.

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Instant Access to Key Metrics to build and enhance portfolios with your Clients.


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theScreener know-how makes our customer unique. We create tailor made solutions to empower investors.

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Access to proprietary Algorithms

Algorithms are the DNA of theScreener. Create systematic and rigorous analysis by merging fundamental, mapping technical and risk assessment.

Know your Risk instantly

theScreener power tracks and assesses relevant views of risk upon historical Bear Market Factors and Bad News behavior.

Map your ideas

theScreener engine cross-references and analyses the relationships and the correlation between assets and investment vehicles to get a bird eye view.

Get Fundamental keys

theScreener innovation relies upon fundamental analytics from the "Four Stars" rating:

  • Earnings Revision Trend
  • Price Potential
  • Meduim Term Technical Trend
  • Relative Performance


theScreener is the cost effective solution for financial industry.
theScreener allows clients instant access to a wide variety of analyses and portfolio constructions on the global markets.

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About us

Thanks to 15 years of work and experience we are the European leader in independent equity analysis.
Our ratings and analysis are supplied to banks, online-brokers and online-portals, as well as to institutional investors.


We start by a simple question:


May we provide systematic, independent, objective and comparable financial market analysis?


  • We have created theScreener to reduce the negative factor of emotion and enhance Investors in their daily investment challenges.
  • theScreener team created a genuine platform which generates automated ratings, risk evaluations, using Thomson Reuters and Morningstar data.
  • Through the Lab, the Reporter and the Feed, theScreener inspires Investors daily routines with systematic and objective views.


Alain Farwagi


Co-founder and Managing Director SA

Alain Farwagi has been working as a financial analyst at UBS and at a private bank in Geneva. He was employed as a chief analyst at an asset management company and thereafter as a specialist for pensions. In 1995 he created the first research engine of theScreener, and since the company's foundation in 2000 the algorithms have been in constant development. Alain Farwagi has a diploma from HEC in Lausanne.


Andreas Lusser


CEO theScreener Investor Services AG

Andreas Lusser has extensive experience in structured finance and was an executive in the telecommunications industry before co-founding theScreener. Andreas Lusser holds a degree in electrical engineering from the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology and an MBA from IMD in Lausanne.


Ernst Roth


Managing Director theScreener Asia Pte. Ltd., Singapore

Ernst Roth has been working as Management Consultant with one of the big four audit & consulting companies for more than 10 years, with experience at many multi-national companies over three continents. He also spent a considerable time in audit for a number of private and investment banks before joining theScreener as Managing Director. Ernst Roth has a degree in Finance and Accounting from Edith Cowan University in Australia.


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